Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Charlie and the Christmas Kitty

Oh Charlie... the adorable ranch dog who loves his purpose and loves his territory! If you haven't read this little treasure, PLEASE put it on your Christmas list. Charlie reports from the country where he "helps" prepare for Christmas from his doggy pillow. He falls asleep and wakes up on Christmas morning to what he suspects is a rabbit; yet, when he checks off the items on his emergency response list for rabbit invasions, he realizes it's a CHRISTMAS KITTY! Oh what an unwelcome visitor....

How many of us have had unwelcome visitors right around Christmas time? Whether it be sickness, financial stress, difficult family members or guilty spirits, we've all been face to face with our own Christmas kitty. The thing about Charlie's Christmas Kitty was that she wasn't going anywhere. The kitty was there to stay. That being said, what do we do when we can't avoid, ignore or send away our unwelcome visitors?

Last year I came down with both the flu and strep throat in the month of December. My Christmas spirit was lacking, but I took the opportunity to spend a December in REST. WHOA! Rest in December? It was soooo hard. I am a Christmas party-loving girl. You say cookies, punch, tacky sweater, white elephant, deck the halls...I'm there. God had a different party schedule for me last Christmas. It included a whole lot of couch, a whole lot of hot tea, and a whole lot of the Hallmark Movie Channel (on my laptop, off YouTube, because we didn't actually get the channel). I needed to find an answer to my unwelcome Christmas sickness and God was clear in showing me my need to have some silent nights... and days.

Charlie came to a solution on is own, and we are all willing to let God show us the answer to our unwelcome visitors. Charlie found the good in the Christmas Kitty. What was difficult for him or annoyed him became something he could enjoy or see in a different light. Not all of our unwelcome visitors this holiday season will be easy to handle or enjoy. However, remember that God is our present peace and His desire is for you to welcome the greatest visitor of all. The King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Take time to welcome Jesus into your lives and home this Christmas so that when the unwelcome visitors knock at your door, you answer with the unchanging joy that comes from the hope of the tiny baby in the manger on that special Christmas day!

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